Focusing on experience, shell unified barrels of diesel oil trial activities going on

Recently, on September 24, 2012 】 【 shell unified diesel engine oil on trucks portal home of BBS launched the "unified wood oil truck home user trial activities". The event in a week, for each to try out the net friend, will be able to free trial shell unified wood king CH - 4 levels of hydraulic oil products. Shell will be unified to track the user experience of oil, more in-depth understanding of the driver's demand, understand the problems and challenges facing Chinese drivers daily. Hydraulic king is developed by shell unified according to the actual needs of China's road of flagship product, especially for complex road conditions in the card and card provides good protection. This product is specially added OCP viscosity index improver, enhance the viscosity stability of oil under high and low temperature conditions, even in the face of wall road conditions of frequent start-stop, can also provide special anti-wear protection, ensure the stability of engine oil pressure, the power output stream. In addition, this product in the resistance to wear and dispersancy also have outstanding performance, to provide comprehensive and balanced lubrication for engine, prolong the service life of the engine

"If you have the product trial and is about to set off a national roadshow have a common starting point", the relevant person in charge of shell unified said, "from users to gain experience in practical use, by doing the most close to the user's research and development, production of the most close to the user of the product, make better practical use of science and technology, to achieve to become customers' first choice of Chinese lubricating oil 'brand enterprise vision. Shell unified wood oil brand travel thousands of kilometers of' the way laboratory national roadshow will start soon, well-equipped experimental car has been ready, through this road show, we will continue to study China's road and truck drivers daily face problems and challenges, for the Chinese truck driver to bring the best products and the recent distance care."

Trial activities actively corresponding by netizens, within a week, creates a race to sign up to participate in hundreds of reply. The current list of 15 testers have been published. It is understood that the trial users started will get BBS publish the trial report of their experience, to share experience and matters needing attention, so that more users understand the shell unified product performance under different road conditions, operating conditions.

"Practical science and technology" as the direction, shell unified wood oil products developed four series of products: focus on hydraulic requirements of hydraulic king, high viscosity, resistant to lasting super glued the king, the king of overload, high wear resistance of the hardships and stand hard work, and high cost performance of products. From the "lab" on the road across the land, across the roadshow of time to the home of "unified wood oil truck users trial activity" such network interactive activities, are reflected in the shell unified wood oil brand from users, to provide users with the most appropriate products target, the slogan of "understand, understand you", the shell is unified, has become a real action!